What Towbook is Not

Towbook is the software platform for the towing and recovery industry.

We help companies of all shape and size manage their business, including dispatching, impounds, reporting and invoicing. We also provide the path to connect those businesses who need work done to those able to perform the service.

Towbook is not a motor club or insurance company. We don't get involved in helping companies build a network of service providers. We also never get involved in the business of negotiating rates, establishing service levels, or managing service provider performance.

We're also not a call center, or dispatch service. We do not field phone calls, manage communication with customers at the side of the road or determine services required and coverage levels.

Finally, Towbook is not in the business of paying for services.

What we do, and we are the very best at it, is help service providers manage their business. We stick to the business of providing software, period.

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